Outdoor space winterized

Are You Prepared?

The leaves are turning fast and furious as we creep into October this week. Care and upkeep of our lawns and outside living spaces is in full swing fall -mode. It’s the time when the rakes are under heavy use and our lawn bags are picking up bits and pieces as fast as we can sweep over them. Fall and all its inherent paraphernalia grab us by the arm and say, “Let’s go play!” Whether you enjoy outside work or would rather see someone else doing it, it’s here and it’s something that needs taken care of. Patios with railings and decking, concrete living spaces that spread out behind your home and all their nature-watching glory – these are the spaces that demand we care for them whatever season we may be in. Preparation for winter and the battening down of the hatches means fall prep work. It’s time to get it done so we can still enjoy what this beautiful azure sky and splendorous fury of color can bring us.

With products from Mt Hope Fence, the care and worry of outdoor living spaces is lessened tremendously. All of our products carry a Lifetime Guarantee. That’s a LIFETIME guarantee. How many stores stand by what they sell for a lifetime? They stand up to the elements – guaranteed. Our TimberTech AZEK Decking as well offers you a lifetime of great worthiness and beauty. Resistant to the ravages of winter, it holds itself strong and durable over time. Our fencing, as well, is maintenance free. Let me repeat – it is maintenance free. Imagine knowing that all you have to do is have it installed and that’s it. It holds up, weathers, and withstands Father Time and all his wearing ways. Privacy fences, ranch fences, pool fences, two, three, and four-rail picket fences – all maintenance free leaving you to tend the rest of your property. You will be safely ensconced in Mt Hope Fence and that’s a good feeling.

Fall is here with winter popping her icy head around the corner. She’s not here yet, but you can rest assured that with Mt Hope Fence your outside products are ready to weather whatever she may throw at you. So for now, sit outside with a coffee and build a fire to sit around. Throw on a light jacket and look around your yard - you are ready for the rough weather ahead. Mt Hope Fence makes sure of that.