Vinyl Fence

Great Boundaries

Have you ever visited a farm or ranch? Open vistas and endless blue sky shining brightly on green pastures and rolling hills? We have a lot of that here in Holmes County, more farms than ranches really, and it is a lovely sight to see. The morning mists rise over the hills and the verdant landscape comes into view, gently unfolding itself for the world to see. What encompasses this vista? Mostly likely fence rows. Miles and miles of rolling fence rows that hug themselves to the landscape and gently tuck properties into neat acres. In the winter, it is the fence rows that let you know where you are, where you’re going, and what lane to turn into. They are a line of delineation. Fence-rows are ancient.

Taken from NYU is a great quote on what fences were used for:

“Having a strong visibility bias, the fence is an open declaration of intention. It says on the part of an occupant "I am here and planning to stay." This makes it an appropriate device to be associated with law.”

In other words, fences say, “This is mine. I am here to stay.” Long, beautiful, winding fences laid out on farms and ranches show intention on the part of the owner. They represent ownership.

When it comes to encompassing your land and saying, “I am here” Mt Hope Fence has what you’re looking for. Our ranch fences include 2-rail vinyl, 3-rail vinyl, and 4-rail vinyl. Clay, tan, and white are the color options, and best of all? They never need painted. I’ve heard tell of fences being white-washed every year for the duration of their life. With the Mt Hope Fence vinyl fence options, painting them every year will become a thing of the past. They have a lifetime guarantee and the design of the fence is up to you. Along with the various railed fences are the options of Crossbuck and Split rail as well. For the post caps you have choices as well. Weather is always a factor and with vinyl fences there is no need for worry. They weather like a champ.

If you have a large acreage, a farm, or ranch and want to mark it as your own, come see us for your fencing choices. Mt Hope Fence can help you say, “I am here and planning to stay.”