Amish vinyl pergola contractor

Have You Considered A Pergola?

Sometimes you just need a space, tucked in between the crowded patio and the expanse of lawn. A place that is semi-shaded but doesn’t feel closed in where you can slip quietly into a chair for quiet thoughts. A go-to place for solitude is normally a deck, porch, or where ever patio furniture is laid out thoughtfully for you to sit. Sometimes it’s even in your lawn where a chair is placed carefully for daydreaming. Have you, though, imagined a place you can relax that catches the breeze in your hair and allows sunlight but without the glare?

“Pergolas may connect pavilions or extend from a building. Free standing pergolas provide a sitting area that allows for breeze and sunlight but offers protection from the harsh glare of direct sunlight.”
 The definition of pergola is “The word pergola is Latin and means projecting eave, an extended roof or arbor” and with this there is much room to play with. It also can be a walkway from garden to garden with vines planted on the top or sides, weaving themselves in and around the structure.

Mt Hope Fence offers you two solutions for making a pergola part of your outdoor environment. Our pergolas come in vinyl and cedar. Our vinyl options are made with low maintenance light-weight Poly vinyl. With a life time guarantee, the vinyl is a beast in the elements of harsh winter. They simply weather the storm. Our cedar pergolas will not crack or warp when cold weather comes to town, as well as sun and rain. It weathers well. An added bonus is that cedar smells wonderful to humans to but keeps the bugs away! Imagine sitting down to relax and your structure is shooing the mosquitoes away! That is a wonderful amenity worth its weight in gold.

I see a home, lovely in girth with pleasant seating arrangements outside to hold festive guests and dear friends, as well as loved ones who make this place their home. A pergola is an added bonus that will add flair and character to an already comfortable landscape, as well as an added room to escape to. Allow Mt Hope Fence to show you pergola options and nestle it into a space that exists, yet needs just a little something else. Visit us today.