Aluminum Fencing

Have You Thought About Aluminum Fencing?

When it comes to fencing most people think of wood. This is readily available at most big chain “home” stores. Tall, short, and all different sizes, it never seems to stand up to the test of time. After several years it begins to warp and bend, mold and mildew, and begin to sway and detach from the posts. Not one of these places offers you a warranty that protects your investment.

I know a couple that installed fencing around their entire backyard some years ago. They had small children at the time and wanted to create a safe haven for them to play in. Because they were on a strict budget, they purchased very basic six foot fencing from a big name home store. The posts were dug properly and cemented in, and each section of fence was carefully put in place. They loved the security and look of the fence and were happy. Not too many years later that fence started to fall apart. The wood was of shoddy make, and the mold it attracted was unexplainable. They mended it and tried to keep it standing, but there was just no use. Now, the fence still stands – broken and molded – and the only choice is to either tear it down and buy new, or continue to look upon it’s disarray.

Mt Hope Fence has solutions. We are here to guide you in your fence-selecting process and you point you in the direction of options that maybe haven’t crossed your mind. Have you thought about aluminum fencing? We have a selection of fences from Alumi-Guard with lovely names that make you consider them. Ever hear of Ascot Royale, Belmont Puppy, or Newcastle? Who wouldn’t want these lovely fences surrounding their home? They come with a lifetime guarantee and many color options. An excerpt from the Alumi-Guard website explains and guarantees what happened after they conducted a multitude of salt tests on their aluminum: “Alumi-Guard can unequivocally guarantee with confidence that an Alumi-Guard fence panel, post or gate will not chip, crack or flake for the lifetime of the original purchaser.” A fence you never have to worry about chipping or cracking, plus never have to paint? Our Alumi-Guard choices may be the ticket to your fencing woes.

We would love to see you stop in at Mt Hope Fence and see the selection we offer. Fencing solutions for the home, business, and anywhere it might be needed await you. We are here to supply YOU with ideas.