Beautiful Outdoor Space

Love Your Outdoor Space & Fill It With What You Love!

Outside furniture can be an afterthought in the grander scheme of outside living. You have your decks, your patios, and your wrap-around front porches that fill your mind with how you want them designed. These are important design elements for your home. They are what you see and have an immediate reaction to when it comes to outdoor living. What, though, have you thought about furniture designed for outdoor living? Does your mind wander to plump cushions nestled on sturdy, yet comfortable deck chairs? Have you thought about a glider made for two that you can lay your head back on and glide your cares away?

We have carefully selected offerings for you. Sturdily made with treated wood and built to last, we have many wonderful types of furniture that will make your outside living spaces come alive. We have single gliders as well as gliders made for two that will let you glide to your heart’s content. We offer porch swings in varying designs that beg for a porch for to swing lazily in. Imagine one of our weather resistant swings as it awaits your gentle swinging on a hot summer evening, the gentle breeze it creates just enough to keep the humidity at bay. We also have available a variety of deck and Adirondack chairs that allow you to settle deeply into their hand-crafted goodness. There is nothing better than sinking into a well-made chair and allowing yourself to relax. To complement your chairs and swings, we offer you a variety of side tables. These are made of treated wood as well and offer up a place to set your drink as you relax. All of our outside furniture is available in a variety of colors, and the paint is durable and made to last.

Consider Mt Hope Fence when it comes to your needs for Outdoor Furniture. Our selection and styles make us a great option for durability, affordability, and simply a great piece of furniture. We aim to please you, our customer, and offer not just a selection – but something you find you can’t live without. We want you to love your outdoor space and fill it with what you love.