Patios - Making the outdoors beautiful!

When you say the word patio what comes to mind? A basic slab of concrete? A place you walk through to get to the backyard? We believe a patio is so much more than that. It is a place you relax and lounge. It is a place to set down your coffee cup and enjoy a sunrise or sunset. Nothing compares to having these parts of your home come alive and take part in the dynamic of your family life.

The word patio comes from the Spanish language and in 1828 was described as an "inner court open to the sky.” I believe this statement embodies what a patio should be. A place to sit down and have the vast expanse of sky available and open to you, because a patio does not necessarily have a roof on it. It’s a place to embrace the air and wind and combine it with a place that promotes ease.

We’ve talked before of Uni-Lock and their pavers which Mt Hope Fence carries that can make your patio outstanding. Their outstanding features include:

• Exceptional long-term surface performance 
• Withstands severe freeze-thaw cycles 
• Resistant to de-icing salt

These are all the best qualities of an outstanding product. A product that will withstand the test of time and create a patio that will not only weather the storm, but create a haven for you. Did you know with Uni-Lock that there are a myriad of products we can create for you? The list includes patios, raised patios, stone walkways, water features, swimming pool decks, stone pillars, and even stone driveways. Uni-Lock fully supports its products and gives you options for different layouts and designs that it’s pavers can create. As follows is an excerpt from the Uni-Lock website:

“The floors of your outdoor rooms can be made more interesting by your choice of laying patterns or by using borders to create the look of an area rug for furniture groupings. In cooking areas consider pavers with our EasyClean technology to prevent stains and to make clean up easy.”

So many choices and available things to choose from at Mt Hope Fence make us a one-stop shopping experience. We are here to guide you in the process of making the outdoors beautiful and we want to do that with style.