Backyard pergola

Special Event Pergolas and Pavilions

Big events and happenings come upon us so quickly in the course of our lives. There are weddings, parties, and so many other things that require our attendance. There are times these events require us to make our homes ready and available for guests to get comfortable. These are the times that you know you must have something special – something ready and stable to hold the magic in place for the world to see. A place for a bride and groom to share vows under, share their first married kiss, or a place to toast a college grad or say a prayer for someone dear you’re sending off. Mt Hope Fence has just the right gathering place for these special events, and it’s never too soon to start thinking about them.

We have a special selection of pavilions and pergolas for you to peruse and consider. In visualizing that special event coming up in your mind, envision the important parts of it ensconced in the beauty of one of our pavilions or pergolas. Constructed with stability and durability in mind, they are also beautiful as well. Our pergolas come in two different varieties – vinyl or cedar. The pavilions, as well, come in vinyl with the durability and guarantee to last a lifetime. Built with low-maintenance light-weight poly vinyl, they are made to withstand the elements – come wind, rain, or blinding snow. If the event you’re looking to is coming up in the spring or summer and you want to get a head start, don’t hesitate to install now. Here at Mt Hope Fence we can help you plan and schedule, all while helping you decide what your needs are.

The future – that is what we are here to help you see and plan. Events, big and small, come swiftly through our lives and at times are thought process is a mixture of uncertainty plus planning for the unexpected. We have the ‘inside on the outside’ at Mt Hope Fence and our aim is to help you put your best foot forward with our products. Because we’re all about the happy endings in your life.