Sweater Weather

TimberTech AZEK decking is our go to for beautiful decks, hand-railings, and much more

The summer we’ve been having has been one for the record books.

I have heard that it’s the tenth coldest summer every recorded and I believe that one hundred percent. Most mornings I like to go out on my porch and relax with a cup of coffee, but many mornings this summer were simply too chilly to do that. My bench and cushions awaited me every morning but without a sweater goose bumps took over. It has been a summer for the record books and it’s no small fact that when you can’t utilize your outside areas the way they are meant to be used then it’s a sad day for all. If we think of fall weather that’s coming all too soon, then the days we are having this summer are what we dream about. Cool evenings and warmish crisp days is what we long for after a hot, humid summer. Somehow this summer seems out of place and we may end up feeling as if we’ve missed our hot and humid Ohio summer.

Mt Hope Fence has the solutions for you in good weather and bad.

We have the place for you to relax whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall. We want to be part of the process of your project, providing ideas, support, and most of all the supplies to get it done. We specialize in outdoor living with patios, outdoor kitchens, pavilions, gazebos, and whatever your head decides you need to make your space better. We have Uni-Lock pavers to create pathways, patios, and walls. TimberTech AZEK decking is our go to for beautiful decks, hand-railings, and much more. Our products are durable, tough enough to withstand our harsh Ohio winters, and they are backed with a lifetime guarantee.

Take the drive back beautiful County Road 77 to our facility.

Weird weather and all don’t be afraid to take a chance on Mt Hope Fence and our array of fine materials and choices. Browse our selection of outdoor spaces. Tell us what’s on your mind so we can move you into the outside space of your dreams. Come fall when the weather turns a bit chilly and the wind starts to blow, you’ll be glad you met with us now – so you can enjoy the fruits of that pursuit…sweater against the goose bumps and all.