Privacy Fence


"I remember a fence that bordered our property as a child. Knotted and rickety, it gave me a sense of security. I could play for hours in the backyard and feel safe because even though that fence was near to falling down, I knew it was there. It was surrounding me and all that I held dear, or however a child knows what makes him feel good. When we’re children we know when something is good. It’s a constant. Even though it was old and weary, I didn’t care how it looked. Walking the fencerow with the summer sun shining down on me, counting the posts, what could have been better?

When you grow up and you own a home and land of your own, there are certain things that you know you want. You want a sturdily built home that shelters you and your family. You want a yard that is big enough to tumble and play with your kids in until the late hours of evening. For me, especially, I want a fence that will surround us and give us a space that is ours. A fence that no matter where I am in my home, I can look out and know it’s there holding up an imaginary boundary that nothing can cross. That old fence from my childhood cultivated something inside me that I carried to adulthood. It gave me a something specific that I wanted to give my children, almost like an embrace from an old friend.

When the time came for us to pick out a fence I knew just where to turn. Mt Hope Fence knew. They offered and gave me choices that I didn’t necessarily know I was looking for. The options they had were bountiful: privacy fences, picket fences, and even split-rail. I knew I had come to the right place. Now, as I survey my home and the privacy fence we chose I am glad beyond measure. Sometimes the simplicity and echoes of the past serve us well in choosing our future. Mt Hope Fence offered that to me and I grabbed it." - Melissa, Ohio