Is Your Walkway Winter Ready?

Winter, that slow-moving beast of a season that creeps up on you with the stealthiest of feet – it’s nearly here. How many times, as you’re shoveling snow in the depths of the cold, have you wished you had gotten that new sidewalk, walkway, or driveway installed? It’s the one that leads to the garage, the shop, or barn and the one that gets nearly buried in snow every single year. Having a functional walkway won’t stop the snow, but what it will do is make it easier to get from point A to point B. It will be a carved path that enables you to have the boundaries marked out. Consider when winter is over and how beautiful your newly laid area will look. At times, we may hesitate and think, “I’ll do that next year.” Imagine yourself walking outside, shovel in hand, and knowing just where you need to clear the path – a path already laid out and waiting?

Mt Hope Fence has the goods to get you your yellow brick road. With Unilock pavers and products you can have your stunning new sidewalk, driveway marked out with precision and ease. Unilock products are made to withstand freezing weather, especially cold weather with lots of snow. They weather the storm with a tough endurance. They withstand shoveling, scraping, and salt application and are slip-resistant. Even better, they have a transferable lifetime guarantee and are designed to resist oil and gas spills. You know that locking in that protection for a lifetime is the best choice anywhere - it’s Unilock’s promise to you.

That is why we get and install only the finest materials around, here at Mt Hope Fence, and we pass that security and guarantee on to you. That nip is in the air and the cold air is soon to be descending upon us – we’ve already felt it. Make the decision today to come out to our facility and take the time to peruse the best selection anywhere for your sidewalk, walkway, or driveway needs. It only takes moments to see that we offer the best. We want to spend the time with you getting a feel for what you want and need – and we follow that through until the last paver is installed.