Pergola with Outdoor Oven

Withstand the elements

The holiday season is upon us with a ferocious blow. Winter swept into Ohio last week with a roar while snow and ice piled up outside. Were you ready for the blast? We ready our exteriors and lay our gardens and decks ‘to bed’ or so the saying goes. I think that saying is apt because it really does go to bed for the winter. Just like bears in a cave, our exteriors slumber and lay peacefully until it’s time to revive for the spring sunshine. We clean off the porch, the deck or the pergola. We wash and ready them to receive winter’s coldness and swirling winds. Imagine those exterior spaces installed by Mt Hope Fence - fences, deck floors, and products you don’t have to ‘ready’ for winter?

We are here to make your outside beautiful, winter or summer. Our products withstand the elements and give you a lifetime guarantee. Whether it’s our fencing, aluminum fencing, decking, walkway, or small structures with exterior furniture – you are guaranteed. They resist salt, snow, mildew, and are scratch-resistant. Built tough and rugged, our features are beautifully made with an eye for a lifetime. Hand railings that are sturdy, fences that won’t budge in the wicked winds of winter, and retaining walls that actually do their job – retain. Our products are made to last so you don’t have to worry about them. What is better than a lifetime warranty?

Mt Hope Fence, as always, has the inside on the outside. We work hard to keep our customers on the cutting edge of exterior products. We walk beside them step by step until their dreamed of area is a reality. It’s not a come-in-and-browse alone type shopping experience – we want to make our store a destination and a one-stop shopping reality where you can find what you want, plus go home with what you need. Think of us when the winter winds are howling across the desolate landscape, and imagine the exterior space of your dreams – maintenance-free – just waiting for you at Mt Hope Fence.