Yard Clean-up

We all have that space in our backyards, you know the one? It’s where the corners of the yard meet, where lots of stuff is piled to be dealt with later and the one that gets neglected. Inevitably, it’s never quite cleaned out and we force it to the corners of our minds, quietly forgetting it exists. Nothing is perfect, that’s for sure, but in thinking of a solution that would get rid of the clutter what comes to mind? A storage shed? Scrapping it all and planting a tree? Maybe a gazebo would fit the bill. A gazebo. As this thought spreads through your mind imagine this: a quiet place to sit and meditate and all that neglected yard matter gone. In its place a low-maintenance product that satisfies and fills an empty space in your yard, while giving you a retreat from the norm.

Gazebos can create that space for you. Our motto is, “When you think vinyl gazebos, think no maintenance!”

Our gazebos are manufactured using virgin vinyl instead of taking an old vinyl and simply regrinding it. This gives you a gazebo that is built for superior weather-ability, color stability, strength and flexibility along with structural strength. Our vinyl gazebos will not warp or crack when exposed to long term hot or cold weather. The vinyl gazebos maintain themselves, and aside from a simple clean up after winter, they hold beautifully through the years.

When you think about buying a gazebo what do you think of? Is it how much quality is put into it or the low maintenance aspect? Do you consider where it will fit in your yard and the price? How about the way it makes you feel when you step into and sit down in your chair. The cool breeze that moves across your face as the relaxation of a new outside room, a created space, opens up new dimensions in your yard. This is what aim to give you.